Naylor Thermachem drainage installed at Mybster Sub-Station

The electrical infrastructure in the far North of Scotland has had to undergo significant development in order to handle the increase of energy produced in the region, particularly from on-shore wind turbines. A new substation with greater capacity has been built to handle the increases in electricity production and demand. Naylor Thermachem drainage has been used under the transformers to […]

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Naylor Thermachem drainage installed at Thames Valley Science Park

Naylor Thermachem drainage has been used in the Gateway building on the Thames Valley Science Park to protect the drainage systems against chemical discharges in the laboratories. The Science Park which will be part of the University will provide 800,000 square foot of laboratory and office space once completed and be one of the largest facilities of its kind in […]

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Hospital drainage at full strength thanks to Hepworth SuperSleve Clay pipes

Offering inherent strength and low lifetime cost, Hepworth Clay drainage has been specified for the largest all single room hospital in the UK ensuring a major new healthcare facility will be operating at full strength when it opens in 2017. Application The new Royal Liverpool Hospital will be the largest all single room hospital in the country with 646 beds, […]

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Hepworth Clay plays a part in new £200 million training ground

Built on an 80 acre industrial site in Manchester, a new £200 million state-of-the-art football academy and training ground is set to benefit from a durable underground clay drainage solution from Hepworth Clay which will offer low lifetime cost and a long service life. Application Designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects, the football academy is home to 450 players training each […]

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Hepworth Clay – The long-term drainage solution for Scotland’s new blood centre

For the new £33m Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) Centre of Excellence near Edinburgh, the specification of clay pipes from Hepworth Clay as an underground drainage solution will provide durability, long term performance and a low lifetime cost. Application The new centre at Heriot-Watt Research Park will be a hub for processing, testing, supply, research and development for blood […]

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Allerton Waste Recovery Park

The Allerton Waste Recovery Park will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 90% and generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 40,000 homes. The Allerton facility is unique as it is truly a one stop shop for waste management which means the county’s waste can all be dealt with in one place. The facility includes mechanical […]

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Clay pipes for blood transfusion centre

The new £33m Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) Centre of Excellence near Edinburgh has specified clay pipes from Hepworth Clay as an underground drainage solution, an approach that offers durability, long term performance and a low lifetime cost, according to the supplier. The new centre at Heriot-Watt Research Park will be a hub for processing, testing, supply, research and development for blood and human donor tissues and cells. The state-of-the- art centre will comprise […]

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CPDA Member W.T. Knowles & Sons Ltd investment in Clay

CPDA Member W.T. Knowles & Sons Ltd, well known manufacturers of clay pipes and chimneys since 1906 have invested a significant amount of money into projects over the last twelve months. Two sizable projects have now been completed, have helped to increase their capacity and made the production process better to cope with new higher standards. Knowles, based in West […]

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Battlefield EFW Plant uses Naylor Industries Thermachem pipes

CPDA member Naylor Industries Thermachem pipes were installed at Veolia’s Battlefield EFW plant in Shrewsbury. The facility will treat approx. 90,000 tonnes of Shropshire’s waste per year, generating enough electricity to power around 45,000 homes. With recycling schemes already in place landfill for the region will be reduced to just 5%. Naylor Thermachem pipes were chosen due to their excellent […]

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For a £92m production facility in Yorkshire which will produce 48,000 tonnes of sweets a year, there was only ever going to one choice when it came to drainage – Hepworth SuperSleve Clay pipes will ensure this landmark factory will have an underground pipe system that will stand the test of time. The new 30,700m2 Haribo factory in Castleford forms […]

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