Clay Today 03

Clay Today 03, in this issue: Clay – The Environmentalist’s first choice in sewer materials Strength in every circumstance Wimpey assured of a trouble-free handover with clay 100mm clayware for luxury lodges Sewers for Adoption 6th Edition Pipe Materials Table Summary Technical note 3: Pipe Laying at Shallow Depths Clay Today Issue 03

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Clay Today 02

Clay Today 02, in this issue: Worldwide Demand for Clayware Sewers is on the Increase W T Knowles Hits a Century Vitrified Clayware Sewers Sustainable Performance Clay drainage for a longer life Jacking Pipe Developments Developers and Contractors Return to Clayware as Increasing Plastic Failures are Reported Technical Note Clay Today 02

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Clay Today 01

Clay Today 01, in this issue: Welcome to clay today Clay – “the sustainable choice” Clay pipes hit the beach Hathernware – Clay pipes for extreme environments Clay “takes the load” Key National Trust sustainable development selects clay drainage Investment continues Technical Note Number 1 Reduced Aggregate reinforces clay’s green credentials Clay Today 01

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