Why specify Clay pipes?

In selecting pipe materials, the owner and the installer may have differing perspectives and criteria. For instance, pipe longevity is essential for an owner to amortise long term return on investment and to build residual asset value; other stakeholders may also benefit from the owner’s selection of a material with greater longevity, as a longer asset life results in reduced disruption in future years. Indeed an element of “future-proofing” may result from judicious material selection- a street in a new or less developed area may transform from a moderately travelled thoroughfare to an essential corridor with minimal disruption if the correct decisions are taken at the outset. In contrast, an installer is likely to have a greater focus on installation cost over the shorter term.

Many of clay’s advantages are self-evident: clay drainage needs no proof of product longevity, with pipes being tried and tested over hundreds and even thousands of years of service (indeed, for design purposes, clay can be assumed to have an infinite life).