The durability of sewer pipelines is a topic which does not seem to get much “airtime” but it is nonetheless an important issue in material selection and it is worth dwelling on the implications for the pipe market. There are a number of areas where pipe longevity appears to be a non-issue. The design life of an out-of-town superstore may […]

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Bedding down

The bedding surround for any pipe is critical to support its load bearing capacity. For adoptable drainage bedding surrounds are split in to two categories; flexible and rigid pipes.  A clay pipe system is classed as a rigid pipe system which comes with significant advantages in its load bearing capacity and potential to use as dug materials for back fill.  […]

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Naylor Denlok Jacking Pipe supply

CPDA member Naylor manufactures the Denlok range of Vitrified Clay jacking pipes to BS EN295-7 standards; these are distributed in the UK and Ireland via Trenchless Solutions, who provide a comprehensive sales and technical support service. Trenchless recently supplied the DN400 x 1 metre Denlok NS vitrified clay jacking pipe pictured here. Vitrified Clay is an excellent material for trenchless […]

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CPDA Member Wavin celebrated the power of circular design

On World Environment Day, CPDA member Wavin celebrated the power of circular design in creating healthy and sustainable environments. Wavin are committed to reducing Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 47% by 2030 (versus 2019), achieving carbon net zero by 2050, and increasing the recyclability of our products to 90% by 2025. Together, we can build a greener future for […]

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CPDA member Naylor install solar panels

CPDA member Naylor have recently completed a third solar panel installation – this one being on the roof of their head office site at Wombwell. The installation comprises 1750 m2 of panels which are capable of generating up to 1180kwh of electricity per day. The installation complements previous installations on their manufacturing sites at Cawthorne and Barugh Green: they now […]

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Obituary- Paul Wydell (1964-2022)

The Board Members of CPDA are sorry to report the passing of colleague Paul Wydell. Paul worked for Hepworth/Wavin from January 1989 and spent much of his 23 years at Hepworth/Wavin as a CPDA Board Member.

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