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Here are some additional links that you my find useful:

CPA- a Trade Association representing UK Manufacturers and suppliers of construction products – click here

Feugres- a Trade Association representing European Manufacturers of Clay Pipes – click here

IOM3- Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining- the global network for professionals in the materials cycle – click here

WRC- The Water Research Council, an independent research/innovation oriented body – click here

The National Clay Pipe Institute, the American version of CPDA – click here

Ceram Unie (all ceramic industries) – click here


British Precast is the trade association of precast concrete manufacturers – click here


British Plastic Federation – click here  

British Plastics Federation Pipes Group, the trade association representing manufacturers of plastics piping systems in the United Kingdom – click here 

Plastics European Equivalent, similar to FEUGRES for Clay – click here