Naylor Thermachem pipes installed at Geneva manufacturing plant

Naylor Thermachem pipes
CPDA Member Naylor Industries worked with a global leader in the manufacture of flavourings and fragrances used throughout the food and drink, perfume and laundry industries.

The manufacturing process of some fragrance products at the Geneva manufacturing plant creates high temperature effluents in excess of 95 degrees Celsius that can also include some chemicals.

This created problems for the drainage system and led to continuingly changing pipes that had cracked through thermal shock until they came across Naylor’s Thermachem material. The customer replaced their entire process drainage to Naylor Thermachem pipes and have said ‘they are too good, because we won’t need to buy from you again’.
The customer maintained and install all on-site pipework including drainage themselves so design, purchase, install, use and maintain the full Thermachem system. The Naylor Thermachem pipes are installed under 8 process halls and are all linked in to 1 system, with 980 metres of pipes and 1,500 joints.
Naylor Thermachem pipe
Pipe Diameters: DN100 to DN500
Total Length: 980 metres
Coupling Type: Full chemical coupling with PTFE seal